At Pacific Law Partners, we have considerable experience in all aspects of insurance policy appraisals. Under the California Insurance Code, fire insurance policies must contain an appraisal provision that may be invoked to settle disputes over the value of losses. Appraisal, which is a limited type of arbitration, only applies where the disagreement involves the amount of the loss. It may not be used to determine the cause of damage, policy interpretation, or coverage issues. When a party demands an appraisal, each side selects a competent and disinterested appraiser, and the two appraisers then choose a neutral umpire. After considering evidence, the panel deliberates and issues an award. Although meant as a streamlined process, a policy appraisal can be time-consuming and expensive. Our familiarity with appraisal procedures allows us to expertly and expediently represent an insurer’s interest in the appraisal process. 

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